Monday, June 29, 2009

Workin' on my boat...

Ok, here is the problem I am having and the steps I have taken to correct said problem:
Occaisionally the starter "drags" and will not turn the boat over. After several tries, it usually fires off, but not always...
1. I have charged and tested both batteries=tested good
2. I replaced the starter with a brand new unit.
3. I replaced the dual battery switch.
4. I changed the grounding location from the bellhousing to the starter.
5. I cleaned and inspected the battery cables.
6. I have "jumped" the starter at the solenoid, it just clicks..
7. Pulled my hair out.
8. Stumped my toe kicking at it----j/k.

If I have missed anything, please chime in & let me know! I would like to have this thing running reliably soon!!

************BREAKING NEWS************* I found the problem!!
I pulled the starter & guess what? It's defective!! Brand new from O'Reilly's too! It will not turn when directly connected to a fully charged battery via jumper cables. The solenoid just clicks. I can bypass the solenoid and the starter motor turns, but does not kick out the starter drive. I will get the starter replaced tomorrow & also I will replace all cables with heavy duty 2 guage cables....

Boat saga continues...

As you can see, I had a real blast yesterday...NOT!! The pic is of the very kind Corps of Engineers fellows TOWING me back to shore. I am beginning to hate boats!! well, at least mine. I am also starting to doubt my mechanical ability because I cannot find this electrical gremlin that seems to get in the way of us having a little fun. I sure felt like sinking that sucker last night but TJ and Dave talked some sense into me...more later when I'm not so mad...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Can you say summer ridge?!?!?!

This storm report chart clearly identifies the huge ridge of high pressure that is now in control of our weather here in Oklahoma until late August or September. High pressure ridge=no storms! Man, sure wish I could chase up north right now. Sadly for me, I am dismantling the chase equipment & storing it for the year....gearing up for some Saturdays at Lake Hudson with the boat!! Time for summer!

Monday, June 15, 2009

R.I.P. Playoff Beard!! July 13 2008-June 13 2009

Remember my post from back in July about the "playoff beard" that I was growing in support of my best friend Mike? Well, I have great news! It's gone!! Mike is now cancer free--praise the Lord!!!! He should go home today from his surgery to correct his "innards" and life will get back to normal for my brother and best friend!! Thanks to all for your prayers & support!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

update on Mike

Great news! Mike had his surgery to reverse his heliostomy today! The waiting is over!! It is done! YAY! PRAISE THE LORD!! Check back for update on my shaving my playoff beard! WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Mike will be in the hospital 2 to 3 days then life will slowly return to normal!! Thanks to everybody for all the prayers on Mike's behalf! More later...

MCS in Tulsa just a few moments ago!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big 400 mile to speak...

Above: Nice rainbow in Ponca City 15 minutes after being blasted by 80 MPH winds. This storm tried to produce, but I am glad it didn't because we were right under it--trapped in between stop lights!!
This shot was north of Ponca City as the storm was merging with another storm and getting its act together.

We were treated to an amazing sunset just east of Ponca as another supercell tried to form and provided some nice eye candy...

Aahhhh yeah....this was the result of development along the outflow boundary. We followed it all the way to Pawhuska as it collapsed...

This was the first tower of the day as we originally targeted Sedan, Kansas. It was the day that should've...

Video as we were in Ponca City trying to jet south but had to turn around & take cover at a gas station!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A new chapter in my life.....

I have started a new blog. You can read it here. As I state in my first post, it has nothing to do with storm chasing or photography, but it has everything to do with me. Thanks for reading it and thanks in advance for everyone's help and encouragement!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stop and smell the roses....and......lillies!!

I shot these pics yesterday of the flower garden that my wife and daughter have planted. They are out of town this week and I sure do miss them. Come home soon Michelle & Chrissy I miss you two!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009 the water!!!

Aaahhhh, how sweet it is! The boys even got me in the water!! (They pushed me The Oologah Lake water was a bit muddy, but it was still a blast!! It was funny watching Stenton on the Ski-Bob!! Boat is running well but I still have a couple of bugs to work out like the stiff steering and an electrical gremlin-but that's what makes it fun, right?