Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Gripe of 2008...(Thanks Steve!!)

Check out this story...

I got the idea from Steve's blog here. I am the proud owner of two 30GB Zune media players. I know, I know, should've bought an Ipod, but I didn't. Here's my story. I am getting things together for our youth group's New Year's party and I go to plug in my Zune and lo, and behold, it freezes up! Me thinks, hmmm....I need to reboot this crazy thing. So I try without success to reboot the is frozen on the startup screen!! So, me thinks maybe there are some other upset Zune customers and I do a Google search on "frozen Zune" and walla! Looks like it's Zunepocalypse!!! All Zune 30 GB's are freezing up across the world!! Possible cause: Zune's internal clock is not programmed for a leap year & blitzes out. Possible solutions so far: Crack the unit open, voiding any possible warranty and disconnect the battery and reconnect & reassemble. I tell you, I am gonna crack this thing open......but I highly doubt thet there will be any reassembling because of mass structural failure of the external casing!!!! Ok, in English....It's time for Susie Sledgehammer!!!!!
It's crazy. Oh well, time to get an Ipod.
I, like Steve, am ready to do some major destruction on stupid consumer products!!

Edit......1-4-2009.....I fired the Zune up this morning and walla!!!! It works!!!!! I guess that in Microsoft's brilliance they forgot to program a leap year into the Zune so it did a Y2K-ish thing....froze up on the 366th day of the year!! Go figure!! I'm still in the market for an Ipod after I get all my Christmas bills paid lol.....

Outlaw Chaser Randy Hicks...

I just spoke with Lanny Dean, and he old me that Randy was involved in a bad accident today. Randy has cuts & bruises, but should be ok.

Lanny told me that Randy was out driving and swerved to miss a deer at 70MPH and hit the ditch head on! I can imagine that Randy and his family & friends are thankful that the outcome was not worse. Randy refused treatment at the scene but his family is watching him closely and if there are any signs of internal injuries then they will take him immediately to the hospital.

Let's all band together and pray for ol' Randy. Hopefully he will be ok and out on the road chasin' those naders very soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Well, in the politically correct world we live in, I just thought I'd say MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Not to offend anyone, I just announce my beliefs just like the atheist, muslim, or anyone else is allowed to. NO, I can't prove that Jesus was born on December 25, but I know that He was born, why He came, and what He did. It really is a simple message, just believe in Him...just believe....
It's a matter of faith...
Merry Christmas!!

It's my blog and you can read it if you want to....if you don't, please move on:-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big companies spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Well, I had a stressful day. After lunch, I saw a bunch of "suits" in my bosses (sp?) office. That usually isn't good. Turns out, my compay proceeded to feed the employees at our north dealership a huge Christmas dinner, then take them out and announce that they are shutting down the dealership!! Some Christmas present, huh? Where I work is a parts warehouse and they say that we are ok and not to worry. We are kind of a different operation because we don't sell cars, only wholesale parts and ship them out nation-wide.

I understand why they have to shut the dealership down, but I don't like it. Sure all the execs involved from Ford Motor Company down to the dealer levels have made some bad decisions, but it's always the little guy that suffers, no matter what. Well, I know at least 75 employees that will have a blue Christmas...

I have played the big company game, and I don't like it. Short of buying my own business or going into ministry full time, I guess they have me exactly where they want me--uncertain! Well, I am one up on them.....I know where I'm going, and I know Who is gonna take care of me----the Lord!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

60 degree drop in one day!!!

Looking east, you can see the cold front about 2 hours after it passed over. It was 75 degrees at 2pm Sunday and 15 degrees this morning! Talk about old man winter! I hate cold weather. At least I got to shoot a little vid for the station this morning as it was slick! We had sleet storms last night, complete with thunder and lightning! Pretty cool, eh?

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok, I'll spare you the details of my latest experience....stomach flu....yuck!!

I am back among the living, and feeling much better. I hear that there are multiple "bugs" going around so be careful everyone!

In other news......looks like a massive cold front on the way Sunday afternoon/evening followed ny multiple rounds of "wintry precip" which means...look out!! Maybe another ice storm in the making???? Anyway, everyone make sure you have plenty of stuff on hand just in case!! I know I'll be going to the store this weekend to stock up!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random thoughts.....

I don't know what to write, but it's been too long since my last update so here goes some run-on sentences, poor grammar, random thoughts, and whatever else I can throw in to this ol' blog so get ready all my readers! (thanks mom!)-----and thanks, Heidi:)
Well, to start off, my friend Mike is doing ok. He takes chemo once every two weeks and the rest of the time he tries not to be too sick. Thanks to all who helped Mike throughout his very hard journey. He has only five more of these treatments to go!! Please keep him in your prayers!

I read today that two teenagers died in a crash in Pawnee County last night. You all know the burden that I have for kids and for them to stay out of trouble. Alcohol was involved and led to two needless deaths. Now 2 different families will have a very dark Christmas thanks to alcohol abuse.

Busy times are coming! The youth at church are working on a Christmas float for the Claremore Christmas parade! Come by & watch us in the parade this Saturday on main street.....starts at 6pm.

Lastly, stay tuned for a chaser get together/gathering...whatever you want to call it coming in January! I have to find a place to have it, but I wanna get chasers together to relieve a severe case of SDS:) we'll have food, soft drinks, and chasers are encouraged to bring their videos from the past to brag on!!!!