Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chaser-fest update!!!!

The Tulsa Chaser-fest is only 2 days away!! We are in final prep mode for this inaugural event. ALSO--Thanks to Mickey Ptak, we will have a number of copies of the famous Storms of 2008 charity DVD available for sale!!! The proceeds from this DVD goes to storm victims across the country. I am excited to be able to offer these at our event!! I have put a link to the left for the SO2008 website so you can order your copy today if you can't be at our event!!

On another note, more than 300,000 residents of Arkansas are without power due to the historical ice storm that just went through. Please pray for them and all of the workers facing the fight of their lives!! Quite possibly Mission of Compassion 6 will be in order so stay tuned to the ol' blog!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Behold, the Iceman cometh....and an update on the Tulsa Chaser-fest

Everything from Winter Storm Watches all the way to Ice Storm Warnings are posted for the area. Please be prepared for this storm as it has potential to be a devastating storm. I don't think that it will have the impact of the infamous storm of 2007, but it could be close, especially in areas about 50 miles southeast of a line from Tulsa to Joplin, Mo. Looks like precip is starting on the OKC area now........
I just spoke with Lanny, and the chaser-fest is still on and hopefully will have lots of chasers attend! As I said in an earlier post, Lanny will be speaking about his life-changing Greensburg experience, and I will talk about the Mission of Compassion. George Flickinger will be there and also will speak, and a host of other friends will be there. There will be a chaser car show, and you, the chaser gets to vote for the best all around chase-mobile! The winner will get a Storms of 2008 DVD, a DVD produced by chasers for the benefit of the victims!! Of course we will be showing lots of chaser video---bring your best stuff to brag on!!! Come on out, and have a great time with us!!!
Location of the chaser-fest is at the Catoosa Community Center. Info & map is here .
It is this Saturday, January 31st from nood until 8:00pm or until everyone gets tired of each other &

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mission of Compassion video

I wanted to post this video from last May when we went to Picher & Seneca. I will be speaking about Mission of Compassion to fellow storm chasers next Saturday at our 1st annual Tulsa chaser gathering!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sun sets on a great weekend!!!

.....any questions????

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mission of Compassion inspiring story....

Well, I have a story to tell. Last May, we went on a Mission of Compassion to the devastated areas of Picher, Ok. and Seneca, Mo. See my blog entry here from last May. While there, we helped clean a couple of hay fields of debris. One of "my" kids found a picture of two toddlers smiling for the camera. We asked around, and nobody recognized the boys so I took the picture with us where it stayed clipped to my sun visor reminding me of why we do this; to help hurting people that have been affected by nature's worst, and offer them love and comfort, along with needed commodities.
I have a friend that I recently saw that lives near Seneca. I told him of this picture that I have been keeping. He said, why don't I just take it back with me and I will post it at the feed store at Hwy 43 & Iris Rd. (This feed store was destroyed in the tornado & later rebuilt). I sent the pic with him...
I got a call this morning, and Pete told me that he posted the pic at the new feed store. The next day, he noticed that it was gone! He asked about the missing pic and a nice lady working there thanked him for posting the pic and told him that the picture was taken years ago and was of her two brothers! Their home was also destroyed in the tornado. What an ending to a story, huh?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Storm Chaser Get Together in Tulsa Area!!

Hey I just wanted to make a quick announcement to all chasers. Saturday, Jan. 31st Lanny Dean and myself will host a chaser get together in Catoosa, Ok. I will provide more details as we get things lined out but for now, here's what I have:

Lanny Dean will have a presentation "Greensburg Tragedy, How Do Chasers Prepare?"

I will speak about our Mission of Compassion disaster relief ministry

We will have food---attendees will need ten dollars to cover food & drink

BYOV--Bring video to share--we will have a projector & a sound system for your SDS relief!

There's even talk about a chaser car show?!?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via clicking the view my profile tab, then click contact.

Any & all storm chasers are invited!!!

The Catoosa Emergency Management has graciously provided the venue which will be at the Catoosa Community Center!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The good, the bad, & the deadly.

The good:
Nice day today, eh? I think so. Beautiful sunrise this morning. It's a shame that some won't get to see it or don't care because of the growing problem in our society. That leads me to the next paragraph...(please read on...)

The Bad, and the deadly:
Here's a link that you need to check out. There is currently a campaign against crystal meth use and next Tuesday, this organization has bought air time on most local TV stations---please check this out--meth use is rising at an alarming rate, especially among our youth. It's easily acquired, very highly addictive, and made from poison. Problem is, the youth of today will try anything once....but with meth it could be instant addiction at the first tweak...