Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday food drive..please help!

The TV station that I chase for, KJRH in Tulsa, is hosting a food drive today, November 30. This is awesome and I appreciate the concern that KJRH has for the less fortunate....get out & donate if you can!!

Christmas is coming...........SOON!!

I heard this on the radio yesterday:
The big guy in the red suit is cool.......but the Baby in the THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!
I thought that was way cool. People are obsessed with getting and receiving the right gift....sometimes taken to extremes like fist fighting over gifts that are in short supply. Let me tell you, the best Gift has been given many years ago, just if we could all realize that fact & do what He says (Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, & strength...AND love your neighbor as yourself)....maybe we would be spending a little more time in church and with family, and less time at the mall.........
What is important?
4.The other "stuff"

Friday, November 23, 2007

Yummy!! Too bad it's over!

Had a great time.....looking forward to Christmas! And maybe a little snow so I can shoot some cool pics.....

Happy day after Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well, I cannot get pics to upload right now.....hmmmmm. We had a great time! My mother, both of my brothers and their families, and my family. About 13 folks! WOW! It sure is good to get together----I heard a few comments like we should do this more often......yep, I agree!
Pics coming soon.

Aaaaahhhhhh! 'Das good food!!

The Turkey Blog........


Okie-dokie! I'm ready to eat! MMMMMMMM!! Michelle already has chased me out of the kitchen twice!!

Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, etc....

Gotta go! Later!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

....Here's one of our children from Childrens' Sydney!

For those of you who are wondering, yes, I fixed my shower!!

I looked at my calendar for the rest of 2007 and I was shocked to see that every weekend is booked with church activities! From our youth activities to a church-wide Christmas dinner! I get so excited around Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Plight of the homeless.....

My name is Ernie. I have lived on the streets for 20 years. It has been so long sometimes I forget what I used to do, who I used to be, where I used to live. I have no family left after they all have disowned me or died. I am sixty-something years old-I am not sure when my birthday is and I don’t want to remember. My only possession in the world is my bicycle that I cannot ride because of my bad leg. Oh yeah, I also have my backpack and my cane. It’s pretty rough out here. There is no shelter from the cold, and when someone wants my spot, I have to give it to them because I don’t want beat up no more. I’ve been beaten, shot, robbed(who’d want anything I’ve got, anyways?), thrown in jail, set on fire, you name it, I’ve been there.

I watch as people go by, glaring at me with mean looking eyes, probably wishing I wasn’t here. Sometimes I hear “go to work, you bum” or “get a job” from some kids, but it’s okay, they don’t know my story. Please don’t be mad at them, they have nice lives. Nice is a funny word to say, nice house, nice cars, nice clothes, nice family, nice hot meal. I have none of this. Once in a while some nice people come by and feed us and have church revivals, and here I met a man that fixed my cane. He is the best guy I have met in a long time. He took the time to listen to me and actually cares for me…said I matter to him and to God. He said he used to drink like I do, but God healed him of that. I wonder why God ain’t healed me yet. It seems like every little bit of money I get always gets spent at the liquor store. I sometimes go weeks without any food but the wine warms me and I don’t feel the rest.

I have a watch, but it’s broke. Been that way since I got thrown down the stairs at this old abandoned house. Don’t matter, I don’t care what time it is, I just keep the watch-reminds me of my family-my daughter got it for me a long time ago. If I do matter to God, I wish he’d show me, because I don’t know how much more I can handle. It gets cold at night and my bones sure hurt. Sure would be nice to get a bath, and some new clothes. Maybe even a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. What do I got to be thankful for? Can’t think of much…..maybe my bicycle.

Someone said why don’t you go to a shelter? Well, they are all full-can’t get there in time with my bum leg so I quit trying. Too many homeless people out here you know. Maybe someone could donate one of these old vacant buildings so we could keep warm this winter. I feel lonely, sad, and helpless. What can I do? Just keep on keeping on, I guess….

-----Ernie’s story is told by Jeff Smith, who while helping at a homeless revival several years ago, met Ernie and fixed his cane with a dab of super glue. See, you can make a difference by just helping where you are led to help. Don’t ignore God’s Spirit when He asks you to help out. You may think that giving money or time is a huge sacrifice, but it is not. The more we turn away from these folks, the farther away they are in our hearts. But, they are still there, needing help, hope, and the knowledge that they do matter to God.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!!

Wow! What a week....well, Saturday was spent at church hanging new speakers....the sound system really rocks! I can't wait till we have a full blown cram nite in there! Sunday was the first day of our revival, with Bro. Johnny Timms, Pastor at FBC Chickasha. Very challenging messages!! I feel I need to do more for the Lord and less for myself......

My engagement shoot didn't happen as the young lady had a family emergency. We will try to reschedule at a later time.

Craig West from KXOJ radio here in Tulsa has been literally on the streets the past couple of days--he's is experiencing the life of a homeless person without hope as we all sit in front of our computers, nice & warm, in our busy lives. He made a remark this morning that the reality is that people just don't take the time to help out. We are busy rushing to & from work, etc. and my opinion and experience is if you don't think about them, your heart grows colder towards the needy. Let's all pray for these folks and do something to help out! Check out for ways to help. Do it!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, it has been a long couple of days. But, we are doing better after the loss of our cat, Sabrina. Chrissy and I took her to the vet early yesterday and he confirmed that her back was broken. As he asked what we wanted to do, I choked back tears and said what was obvious, "Go ahead, doc." We said goodbye and then he took her and put her to sleep:( Time heals, and we will be ok. I do appreciate the prayers of my friends. Thank you.

Now, back on track, I have an engagement shoot tomorrow, and I picked up a whale of a deal on a telephoto lens for my point-n-shoot for a whopping 25.00! I searched on Kodak's website and found that the lens sells for 150.00!! Now, I know you are thinking, this guy needs some pro gear, but my budget precludes that expense at this time..... I did ask Santa for a 40d, though, and I have been a very good boy:) I am looking forward to tomorrow's shoot, though!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Your prayers please...

Well, it's been a long day. I worked a full day, then went to church tonight, and when my wife returned home from taking kids home from church, she accidentally ran over our family cat. Sabrina was left here when we bought our home in 2004, and has been a great pet. She is dying as I write, we can only make her as comfortable as possible. Michelle is torn up as well as Chrissy my daughter. I can say that I am pretty sad as well....thanks for listening.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Busy weekend!

Well, I have had a very busy weekend! had a breakfast at the church, then TJ, Stenton, and I hauled off several loads of junk to the dump (yes, I am a pack rat!) Then, we all invaded the Leath's house for a Cram Nite with the youth from my church (OnTheEdge Youth). (Thanx, Del & Karen).....
Today, I headed up to church at the usual 7:30am. This is precious time I get to study and pray. No interruptions,phone calls, emails, etc. I cherish this time alone with my Lord. Had a record in our Children's Church of 31!!
Then, after an emergency auto repair job for a friend, Michelle & I took a drive to Gilcrease Museum to check out the place--I'm doing an engagement shoot this Saturday!! I am excited about this opportunity!
God bless!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Well, here it is! This is Nathan from our church. He was ready for action! Now I have to drive the school truck to Pawhuska for the football game tonight! Loooong drive ahead! Here we go!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh, yeah, by the way...

My good friend Geroge Flickinger commented that I forgot a self photo on my blog........
This is his suggestion:)
My nickname is "Nacho" (loooong
Thanx, George!


Last night, we held the first annual "Tailgate Treats" at New Life. It was a blast! Most of the church showed up armed with candy, Gospel Tracts, and coats & gloves to share His love and provide a safe alternative for trick or treating. Pics coming later.......