Sunday, May 23, 2010

What have I become?

If you are a storm chaser, or you have seen the stories on TV slamming chasers lately then you have a small glimpse into the chasing world. I have 2 statements about the recent drama and then I will comment below...

1. What the TIV did last Wednesday (passing in a no-passing zone going uphill) was irresponsible and could have ended up tragically. It was a risk that Sean took, and this time it paid off. Sean, what about next time when a single mom is cresting the hill and your TIV disintegrates her Honda and ends three lives?

2. Josh Wurman and his totally cocky remarks about how "his" Vortex2 research team didn't get precious data because us "peasant" storm chasers would not "bow" to him and let his armada pass by was uncalled for as well. Dr. Wurman, just who do you think you are? TWC interviewed Joshy and he was doing his typical crying because of his failure and the chase community is made out to be the bad guys. Phooey on you doc...

Ok, here goes. All of this garbage has resulted in mass chaos amongst the chaser community. I will admit, I am not as well known as others and in fact, some chasers may not know me at all. That's the way I like it--behind the scenes. So I'm sure that not many will mind my rant.

I simply will not and cannot participate in all the drama and garbage that has been ongoing for several weeks now in the chasing community. Not anyone in particular is at fault, save me. I have allowed myself to get suckered in to the bitterness and anger filled thoughts and attitude that is unbecoming of a Christian. It has caused me to lose focus in certain areas of my life and I simply will not let it get to me anymore. I am co-owner with Lanny Dean of the best tornado tour company in the world, Extreme Chase Tours. I will focus my energy on my relationship with God, my family, and my company. So to answer the big question "is Jeff quitting?" No, I am not quitting. I am simply gonna re-focus on what matters and let the other stuff fall off my back. I am giving serious thought about resigning from Stormtrack, a popular online forum for chasers that has snowballed into nothing more than a hate-filled forum where many new chasers have flocked to and try to act like they know everything. While the meteorological intelligence on ST is second to none, so are the childish games. Jury's still out on my leaving that forum. I know, I don't have to log in...

Also my Facebook page is going through some changes. I gotta get back to basics. When I opened my FB account, I had in mind my youth group On The Edge. I would quote Bible verses and encouraging posts for my friends but then something happened. I realized that I had more and more "friends" and the spiritual posts got fewer and farther between, and eventually my critical side started typing away and you probably have seen some pretty distasteful posts by me. Many of my friends have noticed this as well. For that, I ask your forgiveness. If I have offended you, I am truly sorry. And take heed, if you do not like Bible verses and positive, uplifting posts, then you can hide my status or "unfriend" me. All of us need a re-alignment now and then, and the Lord is dealing with me at this time.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Here are a couple of maps. The first is courtesy of the National Weather Service in Tulsa and is a graphic of what is expected for Monday afternoon & evening. The second is courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center and shows what is called a moderate risk of severe weather for Kansas & Oklahoma tomorrow. Bottom line is there will be severe weather, and please make praparations now for tornadoes, large hail, and severe winds. Listen to local radio and TV for updates and keep your NOAA weather radio on. This could be pretty nasty but if everyone will stay calm, we will get through it.....

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Models continue to indicate another tornado outbreak for parts of Arkansas, Tennesee, and Mississippi today into tonight. Destructive long track tornadoes are a real threat in these areas. I ask all who read this to please maintain a heightened awareness today. Keep your weather radios and televisions on and be ready to take cover. Do not even try to chase this event--veteran chasers have described the Yazoo City tornado from last Saturday as a "black mass of clouds", and a "rolling black fog" not to mention that these tornadoes will likely be rain-wrapped so you may not know what is coming at you. Also radar data may fail as it did last Saturday so keep an eye on your radar data.

Prayers are going out for the folks affected by last nights tornadoes.