Monday, May 18, 2009

Taking a bath!!!

Ok I was going to blog about my new purchase-a 1992 Mariah MX19. I was really happy with my purchase and finally getting something that the whole family can enjoy together. She sure is pretty, has a 4.3 Mercruiser, and lake ready.----EPIC FAIL!!!!!!
Well, the nightmare began Thursday night. I had it in my mind that I wanted a boat, found what i thought was a decent deal on Craigslist, and drove to Checotah to check it out. We looked at it, the dude started it, man it sounded good. We haggled down to a price that I could live with, so we hooked it up & took off. Here's where it all goes downhill.
We drove back out to the highway, mind you it is now dark, and turned off of "Bob's road" and a tire blew!! I thought, this is bad, bad, bad.....check the spare....guess what? FLAT!! I call Mr. redneck and he comes to the rescue! He drove to town to air the severely weather cracked spare up and we changed the tire and headed home--at 50M.P.H. due to my fear of the spare blowing out. Arrived home at 12:30AM.
Wait--there's more!
I was off at noon Friday so I planned a little yardwork and maybe take the new boat out for a spin at Claremore lake...just a quick spin around the lake...We arrived at the lake, launched the boat, and wallah! We were underway! I thought this is great!! After about 1/2 hour on the water, we sat in the middle of the lake & had a cold Coke to celebrate the new boat, went to start it up, and SCREEEEECH!! The starter was grinding terribly and wouldn't engage the flywheel. After several attempts to start the thing, we had to get towed in from the middle of the lake. Thanks to the Claremore Lake Patrol!
I forgot to mention that Mr. Redneck had recently replaced the starter, so I figured that it was just a bad rebuilt starter-no problemo, right?? Well I pulled the starter off yesterday afternoon and to my utter disappointment the engine block is broken where the starter bolts up!!!!! At this point I am livid, almost to the point of throwing an old fashioned cussing fit, but I held my tongue. I grab a flashlight and look at the broken place and notice that there is no rust on the block telling me that Mr. Redneck had broken it upon his replacing the starter. It is at this point I decide to call Mr. Redneck and guess what? Yep, he didn't know anything about it!! Me thinks me just took a big ol' bath in a load of crap!!!!!! Oh yeah, Mr' Redneck also says that he won't buy the boat back. Then I pull the oil dipstick and guess what......water in the oil!!!! AAAWWWWW SSWWWWEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm mad?
Moral of the story.....don't ever, ever, EVER buy a boat without a full test drive on the water!! Don't trust anybody, ANYBODY!!!!!
Oh much for being on the lake Memorial day weekend!!!


Heidi said...

JEFF!!!! You deserve some justice here! Isn't there some kind of lemon law for this type of situation? =-O

Jeff Smith Photography said...

No kidding! I don't think I have much to stand on buying a used boat off of an indidual. Trust me, it won't happen again!!