Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photography "bug" is back!!

Ok, so I got the photography bug again last night---my family went to our church and had portraits shot by a local, well-known photog company. We get a free 8x10 but of course we can order additional prints-they had us do several poses and had the "package" prices conveniently available. I was observant of everything going on and particularly observant when I saw the prices!! WOW I thought, I gotta get me some of dat!! So, stay tuned for more pictures through the eye of Jeff Smith!!
Might go get me a "nifty fifty" at lunchtime & start taking senior pics this week!!
Went out & shot the sunrise least until I had to bail in order to get to work. Here are a couple of samples....
How 'bout some critiques??

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Heidi said...

I like the bird in the first one! ;-)