Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm a chaperone for the Verdigris High School Jazz Band at OCU in Edmond. We went to Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma. I guess it's just a place that you gotta go and see:-0
500 different flavors of pop, other than that, it's just a big futuristic gas station!! 66 foot tall pop bottle on Route 66....Hmm....

Oh yeah, by the way.......WE WON STATE!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Vici storm....possible tornado wrapped in rain.

I was about 6 miles ENE of Vici, OKlahoma. After talking to several chasers, I am convinced that there was a rain-wrapped tornado in there. Too bad you can't really see it... Tornado? or not...YOU make the call:-)
This is the ONLY thing that made the 500 mile trip worth it.....well, besides chasing with Lanny Dean...awesome fella and a great chaser!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MIssion of Compassion report

Well, I finally have a report on Mission of Compassion number 7. Click here to go to the website...

Thanks to all who helped!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Update on Mike/Mission of Compassion-Mena

Well, it’s over---almost!! You have probably been wondering about my best friend Mike Borrell. As you remember, Mike was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and has been through a ton of chemo and radiation, a major surgery, and a LOT of pain. Well, I am very proud to be able to say that Mike took his last chemo treatment today!! I knew that God was going to see him through this mess and He is! Soon he will be officially cancer-free and I can shave my playoff beard off that I have worn since the beginning of this mess!!! The beard has been a constant reminder that my best friend is walking through a very difficult time and that I need to pray for him like never before. Mike, it’s been the fight of your life, but, with the Lord’s help, you have WON!! WAY TO GO MIKE!! WE ALL ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!!

I have a few pics of our Mission of Compassion to Mena posted on our new website. Click here to go to the site.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mission of Compassion 7: Mena Arkansas

Saturday, April 18th we will embark on Mission of Compassion 7 to Mena, Arkansas.

The facts:
A 2/3 mile wide EF-3 tornado tore through downtown Mena Arkansas last Thursday, killing 3 and injuring dozens. The tornado damaged or destroyed approximately 1000 homes when it ripped through the town. Here is a news story from a Fort Smith TV station concerning the damage.

What we can do:
We will be collecting relief items this week to take to Mena. Items include cleaning supplies such as trash bags, work gloves, paper towels, etc. to non-perishable/canned food items to baby needs like diapers, formula and baby food. We will also collect school supplies because several schools were damaged by the storm. Thanks to Pastor Rod Baker, we will be able to procure some water/PowerAde and some snacks from Victory Christian Center.

If you would like to help out, please contact me at stormrider1970@gmail.com or call me at 918-808-4683. Thanks in advance for your help and support!!

I will post updates here as I get more information on specific needs.

Also, our brand new website is up and running!! Please check it out at:http://www.missionofcompassion.net/
Keep in mind that the site is a work in progress, with more pics & video content being added daily. Special shout out to Lanny Dean for helping me with the site!! Thanks Lanny!! Check out his website at

Also want to mention Heidi Farrar....Heidi has helped immensely on our missions doing phone work and talking to victims of the tornadoes in Lone Grove and Mena. Thanks Heidi!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tornadoes in Arkansas....

This is an email I sent a few minutes ago. I will post more thoughts later when I have a bit more time....

Good afternoon,
As you all know, a tornado tore through Mena, Arkansas last night. The twister killed 3 and injured more. News reports says that 600 homes are uninhabitable (I am not sure how accurate that number is). I have spoken with friends in the area and they confirm that the situation is bad. Please be in prayer for the residents of Mena as well as other communities affected by the storms. And yes, we will be organizing Mission of Compassion number seven soon. Details to follow in the coming days as needs are identified….

Also be in prayer for the folks in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and Georgia. As of now, there are tornado warnings throughout those areas.