Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, it has been a long couple of days. But, we are doing better after the loss of our cat, Sabrina. Chrissy and I took her to the vet early yesterday and he confirmed that her back was broken. As he asked what we wanted to do, I choked back tears and said what was obvious, "Go ahead, doc." We said goodbye and then he took her and put her to sleep:( Time heals, and we will be ok. I do appreciate the prayers of my friends. Thank you.

Now, back on track, I have an engagement shoot tomorrow, and I picked up a whale of a deal on a telephoto lens for my point-n-shoot for a whopping 25.00! I searched on Kodak's website and found that the lens sells for 150.00!! Now, I know you are thinking, this guy needs some pro gear, but my budget precludes that expense at this time..... I did ask Santa for a 40d, though, and I have been a very good boy:) I am looking forward to tomorrow's shoot, though!

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