Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Big storms 1-7-08!

I got to chase storms east of Tulsa Monday night. It was good to give the ol' chase gear a workout. Everything performed flawlessly and I actually was streaming live video back to the station! Here's about a minute & a half worth of lightning edited down to about 30 seconds......

I was in the KJRH studio last night, and Dan & I were talking about January outbreaks, and how rare they are....makes me wonder if we will have a January-June storm system....whew!

I didn't see anything major, just a lot of rain, some small hail, and 60-70mph winds. Thankfully, no reported tornado touchdowns in Oklahoma.

Total miles-approx. 200

Time on road-approx. 6 hours

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Michael Stanga said...

Thanks Jeff for the comments, its strange to see it as a top story all over CNN and still is a top story even today. The killer has been linked to more murders too.

On a better note, nice footage! hopefully 2008 will have more and better storm than 2007 did.