Friday, January 25, 2008

...the most depressing time of year....

The devotional that I read, Our Daily Bread, states that the 3rd week in January is the most depressing time of the year, and I thought about that for a bit......and then I realized that during this time 13 years ago I suffered the loss of a good friend......probably one of the best friends I've ever had.
He was with me throughout my childhood and young adult life. He would swing me as a youngster on the family swingset, play cars with me as I grew fascinated with them, bought me a pedal tractor that I rode the wheels off of, let me drive his tractor on his lap, watched storms with me, taught me how to drive, sometimes yelled at me, shared wisdom with me, and loved me and thought that me and my brothers were the best thing since sliced bread......yes, I am writing dad.
It has been a long road without him, and I blamed him for a lot of things. Dad was an alcoholic and I have been too hard on him, especially when I share my testimony. You see, I became an alcoholic just like dad, that is, until I found Jesus. Jesus has helped me over that problem and many others. You see, I thought that Jesus was a big & bad judge that was gonna send me to hell for all that I had done. But I realized that He loves me, wanted me to ask His forgiveness, and wants to help me to live for Him.
Alcoholism is a disease, and has NOTHING to do with a man's character. My dad was awesome! I love him. I miss him.

Here's to you, dad!

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