Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gary Shore passes away..

For those of you who have been in the Green Country area for a while will remember Gary Shore. Gary was chief meteorologist at KJRH in Tulsa for many years. Gary passed away Monday, February 25, 2008.

If memory serves me correctly, Gary was the first in Tulsa with Doppler radar. I remember his coverage of the Mannford tornado on a Sunday morning in April, 1984. Who knows how many lives that he saved on that day alone....
You know, a lot of folks are hard on TV mets. I think that is crazy. Those folks work their tails off trying to keep people safe, fending off mean & threatening phone calls & emails after a six hour or longer "marathon" on the air live when we have active tornado warnings(KEEPING PEOPLE SAFE), and do their absolute best at making the weather interesting during the ol' dog days of summer when even I could do the forecast (Hot, dry, and humid).....Usually if your favorite episode of E.R. or C.S.I. have been interrupted, the station will re-broadcast in the wee hours the next morning (teaching us to learn how to work our DVR machines), so they actually should get kickbacks for advertising DVRs and promoting them on air...

Here is a tribute to Gary on KJRH's website:

Hat's off to Gary, who will never again have to worry about bad weather.

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