Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tornado destruction.....and a relief effort?

Here's the text of an e-mail that I sent to my friends......

Good afternoon,
As most of you know, there was a tragic outbreak of tornadoes last evening in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. As of noon, there are 50 dead, and countless injured. I started sensing the Lord prompting me to head up another relief mission last night as I was listening to coverage & watching my radars. I knew that it was going to be bad, and it was. Storms moved through at 50-60 MPH and just shredded peoples' lives. Many were trapped in a dorm at Union College in Jackson, Tn. and tragically some in other areas lost their lives. I can't bear to think about the lives that were taken, and the kids that will be petrified anytime that it rains or storms now. Details of this tragedy are still sketchy at this point, but I feel the need to do something.....

What can we do to help? Well, the past our "Missions" have been very successful as far as us being able to help hurting folks to cope with their losses. I kinda have in mind loading our ol' yellow box van up with water, diapers, blankets, stuffed animals, towels...etc. and rolling east towards the damaged area and helping out as the Lord leads us. I will need help from volunteers......if you are sensing the need to help, please contact me via email or call me at 918-808-4683----I think we need to get this going fast. I know that we can help some hurting lives with the resources that we all have.

I have been in contact with a couple of folks from Ash Flat,Ark., and Jackson, Tn. and I feel that the doors have been opened, and there will be places for us to go & deliver supplies.

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