Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tulsa under the to speak...

Well, everyone be on your toes. it's looking like Tulsa will see some severe weather tonight! The main questions regarding storms firing off the dryline is the moisture and the cap strength. With dewpoint at 60f at 10:30am, I don't see dews being a problem unless they mix out in the afternoon. Then we have to worry about the cap, but with a little mid-level cooling, maybe a couple of storms can fire. If they fire off the dryline which should be at about I-35 this afternoon, they have a decent chance of producing all modes of severe weather, including tornadoes. More than likely, storms will also develop southward along the cold front/dryline late tonight and keep us all awake. These storms also will have significant severe weather potential. Time will tell. Regardless, everyone keep an eye on the sky....and also stay tuned to 2News. Dan and the whole crew will be there and be keeping us all safe!

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