Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Uncle Jeff!?!?

Well, I just got the news about my "widdl brudder" gonna have a baby!! Well, he's not, but his wife, Artie is. I am so excited about the first new Smith in quite a few years, and their first child!! Dave is like thinking "wow, a kid! That's pretty cool!" Congrats Dave & Artie, and I get to take the first baby picture of my new niece or nephew! Babies are God's greatest gift, besides Jesus. I'm looking forward to spoiling this little child, let me tell you!!

OK, 2 more days till Mike's surgery. I'm still praying that they will go in there and find nothing!! The doctors will be astonished, and I will tell them " Hey guys I got this little Book that explains it all"....


Lanny said... about a Stormchaser get together for a good cause....we could do a fundraiser for Mike, I will put some video of chases together and we can raffle/sell them off....what do ya think?


Jeff Smith Photography said...

Wow, Lanny, that's a awesome idea! Let's do it!! That could also help us storm chasers with our SDS(supercell deprivation syndrome)!! I have a projector & sound system--we could show chaser video on a real big screen!! Thanks Lanny! Let's get our heads together & do this!