Friday, October 31, 2008

State of "normalcy"?

Webster says normalcy is the state of being normal. What is normal?
It seems like things are returning to "normal". The fundraisers for my best friend Mike are over (for now--and have been VERY successful), kids are in school, TJ has a new truck, gas prices are at $2.03, I still have a job, a family, my faith, my church, my hobbies, so it seems like things are getting back to "normal". Again, I ask, what is normal?

I get up early, kiss my wife goodbye as she leaves for work, say my prayers, read my Bible a bit, then leave so I can race other people to work just to make a buck. That same buck gets split so many, Uncle Sam, car payment, insurance, utilities, yada yada yada. Then I race home to find more ways to split the buck that I made until it's totally gone, and then I go to bed...

Everyone says that things will get back to normal after the big election. Like my vote for President actually means anything to anyone but me, I still will cast my ballot next Tuesday. I believe that we should all vote, and we do make a difference in the smaller races, but the Presidential race has long been decided, IMO. Again, what is normal?

Pontius Pilate while questioning Jesus before His crucifixion asked Jesus "What is Truth"? but wait a minute, the Truth was standing before him. I think possibly Pilate knew the Truth, but was afraid to stand up for the Truth. I just had a fella in my office telling me a dirty joke. This may not bother some of you, but to me, it's an insult to my Jesus and what He stands for. Did he think he did anything wrong? Not in his mind. He thought it was funny. Did I laugh? I can honestly say no. I simply said "That's disgusting" & turned away, but did I stand up for Jesus?

BTW....Mike has returned to work!! He is working a limited schedule, and is doing well. He starts a 16 week regiment of heavy duty chemo soon, so please keep him in your prayers!!

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