Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another race chase....

This view is of the Stillwater storm at approx 8:00pm. Driving west on the Cimarron Turnpike a couple of miles east of Hwy 18, looking southwest at a ragged wall cloud with rising scud and an occasional (possible) funnel. It was a race chase as I did not leave the house until 6:45PM. Things got a bit tense as I drove towards Hwy 18, watching this insane hail core heading towards me and trying like the dickens not to get in it!!!! We got to 18, blasted south and did get some marbles & occasional quarters, but missed the ping pong hail that later covered hwy 18! We watched with interest the wall cloud as we raced south but then the storm seemed to weaken a bit and turn back to a NE heading. It could've, should've, and would've....but it didn't put a tornado down. How's that for contractions?

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