Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shout out to a friend and my total stupidity....

First off, I just checked out my good friend Kevin Bruce's blog. He's a great chaser and a good friend. He and I usually end up at the same place during a chase...lol. Be sure & check his blog out.

On another note, I have to tell you my stupidity story from last night (believe it or not, I DO stupid things). One day I will look back and laugh...but not now.

I was gearing up to shoot some pics/vid of the marginal severe storms heading for Verdigris last night. It was dark, I was excited, so I grabbed my gear & shot out the door. I had too much to carry and unlock the truck, so I gently placed my bag that contains my hand held HAM radios in it, along with other gear on top of the truck. Can you see where this is going??? After setting up my laptop & camera, I proceeded to pull out of the neighborhood. Stupid me. As I reached cruising speed on my road, I heard this thump, thump, CRASH!!! I immediately thought, "OH NO!! MY BRAND NEW REBEL XSI!!!" Then I looked to the backseat, saw my Rebel, and thought "what in the world was that?" Then I realized it was what I affectionately call my "ham bag". AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Well, at this time, I know I lost a battery pack for my HT-202 and maybe the 202.....gotta check at the house & make sure it's there.... I rescued the rest of the equipment from the ditch, still in the bag, a little "shook up".....moral of the story.....triple check EVERYTHING!!!!!

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