Friday, April 25, 2008


Been a while. Sorry. I have been busy with work, church, R/C car racing, being a dad, and depression. Yes, I admit, I have been battling with the ugly monster called depression. No, I haven’t been to a doctor about it, because he would just tell me to go for a walk, I haven’t even told my friends about it, but I thought that I needed to focus on asking for help from my Maker, and I’ve been talking to Him…..

Symptoms? I wrote back in January about the most depressing time of year and it has been a long four months. I guess it all started during the big December ice storm when I was without electricity for 10 days and it has been building ever since. I have a constant feeling of just being overwhelmed with all the duties & responsibilities that I have and keep feeling that I am sometimes being held together by these duties & responsibilities. I feel that if I slow down like several have told me then I will really get depressed. So, I just keep on keepin’ on…I sometimes don’t even feel like taking pictures anymore, and photography is one of my favorite things to do!! I just love it when God paints a beautiful sunrise and I love to capture it with photo, but that passion seems to be fading. I know that God is here with me, sometimes carrying me through this junk. By the way, for those that think that God is a myth, or a curse word, then I beg to differ with you. God is real, and He does love you, and He wants simply to spend time with His children. Did you ever have that special puppy, or kitten, that you just loved so much that it drove your every thought and action? That my friends, is how God thinks of us. Not as pets, but as His beloved children. That’s not my thinking, that’s what the Bible says…. Just read it…

…sorry to dump on all of my faithful readers, but maybe you could just say a prayer for me whenever you talk to the Lord. I am not in any danger. I would never consider doing anything stupid. I just am feelin’ a little low right now. I’ll be okay, especially with the Lord’s help and with your prayers & encouragement….thanks.

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