Wednesday, April 9, 2008

stormy couple of weeks...

well, it's been a busy storm season so far! I have logged approx 1,500 miles in the past two weeks! The next two days promise to be very stormy! The SPC has hoisted moderate severe weather risks for areas from Texas into Illinois! A moderate risk usually means that tornadoes, large hail, and strong winds will be seen in the risk area. There is talk about upgrading areas to a high risk for tomorrow in parts of Arkansas. I will be praying for Arkansas. They do not need any more severe weather. Heidi & gang--be on your toes!! Below are severe probabilities from NWS Tulsa for this evening, and tomorrow, respectively.

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Heidi said...

Hey Jeff ... We've been following you on GR3. Nice that you've been able to see some good storms!

MAJOR event set to unfold here in our area tomorrow.

Check out our chief's blog:

That's what he'd like to talk about on-air but can't, really, because people would end up in the hospital just hearing about the

We're finally set-up for mobile internet (today!), so now we can hopefully be sure to stay out of the way of whatever comes our way tomorrow. I'll keep ya posted -- & thanks. :)

P.S. "Oprah's Big Give" is coming to Highland on Monday!