Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's over!!!!

Well, friends, the hateful, crooked politicians that run this fine country can buy air time & take jabs at their opponents no more (at least for now)...As for me, I kinda wish both political parties could rewind about a year and try again. The biased media have championed their obvious choice for Nobama. I mean, at the top of all the network newscasts they have spent about 75% of the time touting Nobama and 25% slamming McCain.

I fear what will happen in the next four years if the new Pres is Nobama. I pray for the greatest nation in the world. Whatever the outcome, all I can do is cast my vote today and pray for God's wisdom for all voters...

Please continue to pray for Mike....he started back to work on a limited schedule last week but also started his heavy dose chemo yesterday. I hate cancer.

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