Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big companies spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Well, I had a stressful day. After lunch, I saw a bunch of "suits" in my bosses (sp?) office. That usually isn't good. Turns out, my compay proceeded to feed the employees at our north dealership a huge Christmas dinner, then take them out and announce that they are shutting down the dealership!! Some Christmas present, huh? Where I work is a parts warehouse and they say that we are ok and not to worry. We are kind of a different operation because we don't sell cars, only wholesale parts and ship them out nation-wide.

I understand why they have to shut the dealership down, but I don't like it. Sure all the execs involved from Ford Motor Company down to the dealer levels have made some bad decisions, but it's always the little guy that suffers, no matter what. Well, I know at least 75 employees that will have a blue Christmas...

I have played the big company game, and I don't like it. Short of buying my own business or going into ministry full time, I guess they have me exactly where they want me--uncertain! Well, I am one up on them.....I know where I'm going, and I know Who is gonna take care of me----the Lord!!!

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