Monday, January 26, 2009

Behold, the Iceman cometh....and an update on the Tulsa Chaser-fest

Everything from Winter Storm Watches all the way to Ice Storm Warnings are posted for the area. Please be prepared for this storm as it has potential to be a devastating storm. I don't think that it will have the impact of the infamous storm of 2007, but it could be close, especially in areas about 50 miles southeast of a line from Tulsa to Joplin, Mo. Looks like precip is starting on the OKC area now........
I just spoke with Lanny, and the chaser-fest is still on and hopefully will have lots of chasers attend! As I said in an earlier post, Lanny will be speaking about his life-changing Greensburg experience, and I will talk about the Mission of Compassion. George Flickinger will be there and also will speak, and a host of other friends will be there. There will be a chaser car show, and you, the chaser gets to vote for the best all around chase-mobile! The winner will get a Storms of 2008 DVD, a DVD produced by chasers for the benefit of the victims!! Of course we will be showing lots of chaser video---bring your best stuff to brag on!!! Come on out, and have a great time with us!!!
Location of the chaser-fest is at the Catoosa Community Center. Info & map is here .
It is this Saturday, January 31st from nood until 8:00pm or until everyone gets tired of each other &

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