Monday, November 10, 2008

Fireproof, the movie....go see it!!

Good evening everyone,
I just got back from seeing the movie Fireproof. WOW! What a truly inspiring movie. I believe that God inspired this movie to be seen by everyone! I highly recommend this movie to anyone and if it doesn't change your life or the way that you look at things, then I'll buy you a Coke! IT'S THAT GOOD!!
From friends that are having marriage troubles, to folks that think that they have "it" all together, there is something in this movie for you!! Go see's worth the investment!!

I am thinking of taking our youth group to see it and whoever would like to come with us, let me know. It will probably either be Thursday at 6:45pm, or a Sunday matinee (after church, of course!) I will let you know more later. I just wanted to get the word out that this is a great movie filled with Godly principles.


Lanny said...

Boy, I sure wish I had your temperment not to mention you ability to are truly an insperation to others.
I hope you forgive me for the language I used on my blog, as stated, I just have not learned to turn the other cheek yet.
Thanks for being a friend.

Jeff Smith Photography said...

No prob, Lanny. You're forgiven:-)
And you're welcome.