Monday, December 17, 2007

Chin up, dog!!

Day 8 without power......
My poor fat Boston Terrier is about to go crazy! It is like she's depressed. My mom's electric was turned on yesterday and she is happy. I am also happy for her as my generator gas bill was cut in half! My family & my brother & his wife all converged on mom's trees yesterday & cut limbs & trees galore! We worked for a long time piling limbs & here comes my buddy with his front end loader & scooped them all up & pushed the limbs into a big pile!! Thanks, Andy!!
...just now spoke w/ VVEC, and reported my power lines down for the bazzillionth time, and besides them acting as if it a new report every time I call in, they could not give me an ETA on my repair!! At least yesterday they said I would have power by Wednesday, and now no ETA!! They had crews working in my area both Saturday & Sunday, why couldn't they repair the lines lying across my back yard?? Maybe an hour or two to repair the forty some odd homes still dark in my addition.
...on a positive note(I really am trying to keep a good attitude during this crisis), I was able to go to church yesterday & that was refreshing. All the folks at New Life are awesome & I believe I attend the best church in the world! We had our Christmas program last night & our OnTheEdge youth group did a skit to the song Mary Did You Know and they did a great job! Hubert also put on a great program with the choir!
Well, that's all my thoughts for now. Maybe my lights will be on tonight...(I keep saying maybe today's the day).....

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