Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Close call!!

Well, it was a great Christmas! I had family over, we had dinner, laughed, finally cleaned most of my yard up, I almost had a 60+ year old tree fall on my house (and myself) with my wife standing close by, and I ate too much. I really thought that the tree would fall the other way.....I cut a wedge in it, then cut at it from the other side, but when it finally started falling, it fell the wrong way! It hit a tree closer to my house, and a 6 inch limb shot off of it and hit my house and damaged my gutter right above Michelle's head! I am not sure if I have ever been that scared before......I said, "God don't let this tree hit anybody or my house" right as I was running to get out of the way, and He answered my prayer! God really looks out for stupid people. My lumberjack days are over. Time to call the pros.....

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