Monday, February 2, 2009

Chaser-fest was a HUGE success!!

Well, it's over!! Successful? You bet it was! We had 15-20 folks, as some came & went during the event. Lanny challenged us to prepare for the inevitable--being first on the scene of a tragic event like Greensburg and having to be a first responder. Sean followed Lanny and offered to train us chasers in a first aid class, free of charge! After discussing this with the chasers, we all agreed that this would be a great idea. Thanks Sean! And thanks Lanny for sharing your personal experience--I know that was not easy!!

The video that was shared was awesome as well! Lanny Dean, George Flickinger, Justin Teague, Greg McLaughlin, Bob Rohloff, and myself all shared video & pics from previous storms. Great job, guys!! Stay tuned, you will be hearing more info on ideas that were shared Saturday!!

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Anonymous said...

Jeff, Enjoyed seeing you! George Flickinger